Vaginally bleeding for 18 days now. HELP! :(?

Allie Asked: Vaginally bleeding for 18 days now. HELP! :(?

Im 22 yrs old. With concerns from not getting pregnant over a long period of time, I went to see a doctor in 2009. 2 years ago, I had my left ovary and fallopian tube removed due to a dermoid cyst. I was diagnosed with PCOS by a Fertility Specialist.

I was put on medication [Metformin 500 mg 1 pill twice per day] to treat it. We're still trying to concieve, but I have some scar tissue in my right fallopian tube which apparently makes it more difficult. I do have a large/nice egg count in my remaining ovary, (Praise the Lord!).

I had an ultrasound done in December [before losing my health insurance at the start of the new year] to make sure there were no cysts, and I was free & clear.

Now onto the ongoing issue: I started bleeding 18 days ago, and it will NOT stop! This has NEVER happened to me. My periods are always only 5 days at the most. There are still clots coming out. I am filling up a super tampon every 2 hours or so; sometimes it bleeds through.

I am having slight cramping and sometimes the occasional sharp pain. And sometimes I have cramps/pains in my left pelvic area [which is odd because my ovary and tube were removed from that side]. I have no idea what is wrong. I have no health insurance now. I went to a womens clinic and waited 2 hours for them to tell me they can't see me or treat me, and that I should go to the hospital for treatment. (That was on day 14 of bleeding.) I drove home because I just wanted to "wait it out". Throughout the past week, I have been feeling extremely tired yet having trouble sleeping, at times very nauceous, no energy and sometimes dizzy/lightheaded.

I am really tight on money. There is no way I can afford a large ER visit bill]. SO, with all of that said, I would really appreciate personal experience(s) or professional answer (s) on here so I can get ideas of what can be wrong [to determine whether or not to make the trip to the hospital. Thank you in advance! ~God Bless~

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